May 19th, 2013

Fiery Peppers on Smooth Zeta

Australian artist Tracey Fletcher King wrote to us about her new Zeta Series sketchbook. “I love smooth ultra-white paper so I was excited to try the Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook. I had a pile of hot peppers and chilies and figured they would make the perfect subject for the opening pages. I drew them up with a micron pen and laid down four or five washes of highly pigmented watercolour working wet onto dry. I work by building up the form with each layer and like to underpaint my colours, especially red as the only time I like a flat red is in a wine glass. I liked that the paper took so much paint without buckling and the whiteness of the paper meant that the colours stayed beautifully clean. Once I get the form sorted I like to go back with watery swooshes of Payne’s Grey to soften things and then clean up the edges with my microns. The final step is to add some white highlights, and yes I know you should leave them but I can never be bothered and like to add them at the end with gouache, which meant yet another layer of wet into dry. Through every step the Zeta paper performed better than I expected and it handled everything I threw at it… though a little part of me kind of feels like it is challenging me to see just how much paint abuse it can take.”

Media:  Ink, watercolor, gouache
Surface:  Zeta Series – 180 Lb. (270 GSM) – Natural White – Smooth

Stacey Fletcher King Peppers


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