November 18th, 2013

One Hundred Bottles of Beer

New York area art-director-turned-watercolor-painter Dorrie Rifkin uses our Beta Series (cold press, white) and Zeta Series (smooth, white) sketchbooks. Dorrie just sent us this update on her latest project: “My passion for type and design has never diminished. Once, while hearing my friend sing her twin baby boys to sleep with ‘One Hundred Bottles of Beer On the Wall’ – which is another story – a vision came to me:  I would paint 100 bottles of beer and put them on a wall! I have committed several of my sketchbooks to this undertaking, and have been posting the bottles, as they emerge, on my Facebook page, where folks are eager to opine on what brewery’s offering I ought to paint next and on the quality of various brews. The present count stands at 35. When it reaches100, I will perform a bit of Photoshop magic to line them up and put them on (but not up against) the wall.

In seriousness, though, everybody knows that a sketchbook offers the freedom to experiment, to play, and, yes, to drip on, that paper. It still astounds me that I use both sides of the page of these sketchbooks, and that so much paint dries that fast. Painting by sketchbook is just plain fun. And, when I go back to ‘big painting’ on board, the feel and flow of sketchbook painting makes the transfer, too. I’m a better painter for it.”

MEDIA:  Watercolor
SURFACE:  Zeta Series – 180 Lb. (270 gsm) – Smooth Finish

Dorrie Rifkin


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