December 20th, 2013

Poppies: A Giveaway Winner’s Report

Canadian graphic designer Chinh Nguyen was one of the winners of our Landscape Sketchbook Giveaway in October. Chinh chose an ivory-toned Gamma Series and this is Chinh’s report about her prize.

“I love painting poppies because of their vibrant colours and textures. Working from my snapshot, I began by doing a quick line drawing with a twig, using black ink. Next, I worked on one petal at a time, from the bottom up, because I wanted to see how the paper reacted when I applied different colours. This was my first experience with a Stillman & Birn product and I wanted to try many watercolour techniques: wet-in-wet, dry-in-wet, splattering textures, dry brush, etc. What a beautiful paper to paint on! When I paint, I can feel my mop brush glide smoothly over the paper’s surface. The pigments blend nicely and stay on the paper. I hadn’t painted watercolours on ivory paper before, and this colour tone really gave a warm glow to my poppies. One thing I really love is that the colours kept their brightness and glow after the pigment dried.

Although the packaging states that the paper allows for light washes, it can withstand many layers of paint. The paper did buckle during heavy washes, but about 85% of the buckling went away after drying. What an awesome paper to work on! I’m looking forward to trying your different series.”

Chinh Nguyen is also a professional photographer and you can see some dynamic shots of this artwork on Chinh’s Bēhance page here:

MEDIA: Ink and watercolor
SURFACE: Gamma Series – 100 Lb. (150 gsm) – Ivory – Vellum Finish

Chinh poppies rotated


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