Stillman and Birn
22" x 30" – 55.9 x 72.2 cm

Stillman & Birn's premium loose paper sheets offer artists full-size sheets to compliment our sketchbooks. Artists can now use all Stillman & Birn sketchbooks in preparation for large scale works, practicing techniques for paintings and oversized drawings – with confidence that the materials and techniques will perform as they had in Stillman & Birn sketchbooks.

A unique Mixed Media paper program giving artists a choice of paper weight, shade and surface/tooth
Internal and surface sizing: Double-sized (from non-animal materials) for enhanced wet strength and glowing color
“Drawing-friendly” surfaces suitable for a combination of drawing and painting techniques. Paper in each series supports:

– drawing with all lead types with fluid, unbroken strokes
– repeated erasures without damaging surface
– wide range of inking techniques without feathering
– blending and layering with colored pencils and pastels
– art projects from concept sketch to full art rendering using multi-media layering techniques

Supports advanced wet media techniques including wet-in-wet, glazing, lifting, stretching, masking
Archival quality (conforms to ISO 9706 standard for permanent paper), acid-free, chloride free, lignin-free

112230 ALPHA Heavyweight– 150 gsm White Medium Grain
332230 BETA Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm White Cold Press
442230 GAMMA Heavyweight– 150 gsm Ivory Medium Grain
662230 DELTA Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm Ivory Cold Press
772230 EPSILON Heavyweight– 150 gsm White Smooth
992230 ZETA Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm White Smooth
391230 NOVA Heavyweight– 150 gsm Beige Medium Grain
492230 NOVA Heavyweight– 150 gsm Grey Medium Grain
593230 NOVA Heavyweight– 150 gsm White Medium Grain

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